Many hiking areas are waiting for us. Especially south Bavaria, Tirol in Austria, Switzerland and Dolomite in Italy have too many beautiful mountains to visit.
Here I'll try to document as many hikings as possible.

Rotbachlspite (Zillertal, Austria/Italiy)
"Transalp: to Italy on foot" fastinated me. The route to the Italian border was very easy and is suitable also for children. Pfitscherjochhaus with Restaurant is just after the border. From there the mountain route to Rotbachlsptze starts. The route is not difficult and is well indicated. However, the last piece is very steep. The panorama view from the peak, especially to the highest Hochfeiler (3510m) is very nice.
Altitude difference: 1112m
Schlegeis Stausee (1785m) -> Pfitscherjoch (2238m, 2h)
Pfitscherjoch -> Rotbachspitze (2897m, 1,5h)
Rotbachspitze -> Schlegeis Stausee (2h40min)
Difficulty: Easy to Middle

Aiplspitz North Ridge (Geitau, Germany)
Aiplspitz is known to me from its easy south and west approach. The sharp and steep north ridge was tried out.
The route is not so difficult and is maintained and indicated well. There are only few exposed points but the route should be avoided under wet condition.
For going down I took the easier route bound to Spitzingsattel via Tanzeck and Schönfeld-Alm.
Altitude difference: 989m
Geitau-station (770m)  -> Aiplspitz (1759m 2h)
Aiplspitz ->
Spitzingsattel (1127m, 1h50min)
Difficulty: Middle to difficult

Pfanngraben (Spitzingsee, Germany)
A hidden quiet route to Rotwand (or Auerspitz) Pfanngraben is especially recommended for the early morning before the first bus operation to Valepp.
The approach route is closed for car traffics and we have to go down around 3km to the canyon.
The route is going along the beautiful stream Pfanngraben with many waterfalls.
Altitude difference: 934m
Spitzngsee Kirche (1086m) -> Weitzinger-Alm branch (950m) -> Rotwand (1884m 3h)
Rotwand -> Spitzingsee Kirche (1h20min)
Difficulty: Easy

Rabenkopf (Jachenau, Germany)
Rabenkopf has very attractive approach route along streams and many waterfalls. This time we took the route along the Rappinschlucht a very deet canyon.
Rappinschlucht (canyon) has many stepped waterfalls that seems very attractive for canyoning.
In spite of its easy route, the access to the peak requires very long approach and corresponding time has to be calculated.
Altitude difference: 787m
Jachenau (768m) -> Rabenkopf (1555m 3h40min)
Rabenkopf -> Jachenau (2h25min)
Difficulty: Easy

Wallberg (Rottach, Germany)
It is a good idea to visit a mountain with rope way during its maintenance period. The chance came up at a foggy weekend in late autumn. Such weather promises that the mountain area has shun shine.
The route has no difficulties as it is also possible with mountain bike. The only last part (from the end station of the rope way to the peak) is only for hikers.
Altitude difference: 947m
Wallbergbahn bus stop (775m) -> Wallberg (1722m, 1h55)
Wallberg -> Wallbergbahn bus stop (1h40min) -> Rottach Post (740m, 22min)
Difficulty: Easy

Auracher-Köpferl (Aurach, Germany)
Auracherköpferl, a not well-known peak of Aurach, is not a panorama mountain. Since almost all mountains in this area have been already checked out, such hidden mountains sound more attractive now.
Two different approaches are available. Today I took the easier one from the north side.
Altitude difference: 461m
Fischbachau station (770m) -> Auracherköpferl(1231m, 1h40min)
Auracherköpferl -> Ruin Hohenwaldeck (986m 1h10min)
Ruin Hohenwaldeck -> Fischhausen-Neuhaus station (800m, 25 min)
Difficulty: Easy

Kofel (Oberammergau, Germany)
The symbol mountain of Oberammergau, famous with its passion play for every 10-Year, seems extremely steep when it is looked from Oberammergau.
However, the route from the col behind the peak is not difficult at all. Only the last part with steel wires needs careful steps.
Altitude difference: 500m
Oberammergau Cemetery (842m) -> Kolbensattel (col) -> Kofel (1342m 1h30min)
Kofel -> Kolbensattel -> Kolben-Alm (1000m) -> Oberammergau (2h10min)
Difficulty: Easy

Grassleienkopf (Lenggries, Germany)
Grassleitenkopf is also a not well-kown peak of Lenggries. This hidden small peak is located just behind the Lenggrieser hut. The route continues to the west narrow ridge and from another peak Grassleiten a great panorama over Isar is "must be seen".
Altitude difference: 734m
Lenggries Hohenburg (770m) -> Lenggrieser hut (1338m) -> Grassleiten (11434m 2h)
Grassleitenkopf -> Grassleiten (1296m) -> Lenggries Hohenburg
Difficulty: Easy

Waxenstein (Lenggries, Germany)
As a tour just can be terminated before noon Waxenstein in Lenggries was selected.
From the parking for ski lift it along the jeep way to Kot-Alm, turn the right at the entrance of the Kot-Alm, then again to right soon into the path in the forest. Yellow paint markings are on trees along the path. The last rock part is steep and unsecured.
Parking Draxlhang (720m) -> Kot-Alm (1180m, 1h) -> Waxenstein (1310m, 0.5h) 1.5h in total
Waxenstein (1310m) -> Kot-Alm (1180m, 15min) -> Parking Draxlhang (720m, 45min) 1h in total
Difficulty: Easy (Last 20m is steep and unsecured)

Hunds-Alm Ice Cave (Lake Thiersee, Austria)
Just thought a light hiking for visiting an ice cave which has still ice in summer. After visiting the ice cave which was not enough walk, we decided to make an optional tour through the Adler Weg, but it was too much enough with many peaks and up and down. The cave tour is guided one including the winter jacket and helmet.
Parking in the forest road above Hinterthiersee (1045m) -> Hundsalm Ice Cave (1515m, 2.0h)
Ice Cave (1515m) -> Adler Weg -> Höhlensteinhaus (1233m, 3.5h) -> Parking (1045m, 1.0h)
Difficulty: Easy (but for the round tour through Adler Weg requires much time and effort.)

Setzberg (Rottach-Egern, Germany)
Setzberg is the neighbour hill of the famous Wallberg with ropeway.
Starting from the right side of the ropeway station at the foot of Wallberg, we go up along the forest street to the flat mesa used as summer farm. From the mesa you already see the peak of Setzberg. The last part has almost no shade and is suitable for tour in late autumn.
Ropeway station (774m) -> Wallberghaus (1500m, 1h20min) -> Setzberg (1706m, 20min).
Setzberg (1706m) -> Ropeway Station (774m, 1.5h)
Difficulty: Easy

Neureut (Tegernsee, Germany)
What a beautiful autumn we have in this year! On mountains it is still comfortable warm, while in the flat land it is always foggy.
The tables of the Neureut-hut, climbing up directly from the station Tegernsee, became soon full in a shourt time.
Today we made a round tour checking some peaks out enjoying the last sun shine. In addition we made a long break in the Tegernseer brewery restaurant.
Tegernsee (760m) -> Neureut (1263m, 1h5min).
Neureut (1263m) -> Gindelalmschneid (1331m) -> Kreuzbergalm (1223m) -> Baumgarten-Alm (1363m) -> Riedenstein (1207m) -> Galaun (1070m) -> Schwaighof (860m) -> Tegernseebräu (730m) 4.5h in total.
Difficulty: Easy

Lacherspitz (Bayrischzell, Germany)
Because of the ropeway installed for the neighbour mountain Wendelstein, surrounding mountains are rather crowded. However, on a late sunny autumn day such route throughout at the south side is attractive. The narrow peak was really full, occupied mostly by our nine members.
Osterhofen station (806m) -> Hochkreut-Alm (980m, 30min) -> Siegel-Alm (1330m, 45min) -> Lacherspitz (1724m, 1h10min) 2h25min in total
Lacherspitz (1724m) -> Hochkreut-Alm (980m, 1h20min) -> Bayrischzell station (804m, 30min) 1h50min in total
Difficulty: Easy

Monte Colodri (Arco, Italy)
The middle old town Arco is around 6km far in north from the resort town Riva del Garda. There is a via ferrata for beginners with 250m height out of 350m route to Monte Colodri. The view of the lake garda from the peak is perfect and the route down to Arco on the west side along the olive plants is also attractive.
Arco (85m) -> Monte Colodri (400m, 1h50min) including via ferrata
Monte Colodri (400m) -> Crco (1h10min)
Difficulty: Easy via ferrata

Monte Brione (Riva del Garda, Italy)
A small hill in the crescent figure at the east side of Riva del Garda has an antenna on the top. The east side has very steep cliff while the west side has gentle slope of olive plants. Some ruins of batteries installed by Austrian during the World War 1 are still existing. This might be a half day light tour following the history.
Riva del Garda (65m) -> Monte Brione (374m, 1h25min)
Monte Brione (374m) -> Riva del Garda (65m, 2h15min) with round tour
Difficulty: Easy 

Nuvolau (Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy)
Nuvolau from the pass Giau about 30 minutes by car from Cortina d'Ammpezzo in the west, has a via ferrata for beginners and Averau hut on the top.
Many edelweiss are found during the tour.
Passo Giau (2236m) -> via ferrata (2350m, 1.5h) -> via ferrata top (2500m, 30min) -> Nuvolau (2500m, 45min) 2h45min in total
Nuvolau (2500m) -> Passo Giau (2236m, 1.5h)
Difficulty: Easy as via ferrata

Achsel Köpfe (Lenggries Germany)
Achselköpfe are some rocky peaks neighbouring the Benediktenwand, the northern end of the German pre-Alpen located between the rivers Loisach and Isar. Hiking up from Lenggries at the Isar, we went down by the Brauneck cabin.
Brauneck Parking (710m) -> Achselköpfe (1709m, 4h)
Achselköpfe -> Brauneck Mountain Station (1497m, 2h)
Difficulty: Middle

Stolzenberg (Spitzingsee, Germany)
A quiet mountain Stolzenberg despite of its easy reach from Munich. The top of this mountain is not easy to tell and mostly covered by trees for looking through the sight between the tree gaps. The neighbouring peek Rotkopf was also quiet but Roßkopf was full of audience for the great panorama.
Spitzingsee (1090m) -> Stolzenberg (1609m, 1.5h) -> Roßkopf (1580m, 1h) -> Stümpling (1506m, 30min) -> Spitzingsee (1090m, 1h25min) 4h25min in total
Difficuty: Easy

Bodenschneid (Fischhausen-Neuhaus, Germany)
Bodenschneid hidden behind the lake Schliersee can be reached in 2 hours from the station Fischhausen-Neuhaus.
The steep path from the Bodenschneidhaus hut becomes uncomfortable when it is wet, however this will be ok in such a day afer long sunny period. The view on the Lake Tegernsee from the peak is perfect. The other route on the ski area is taken for the return route.
Fischhausen-Neuhaus (800m) -> Bodenschneid (1669m, 2h05min)
Bodenschneid (1669m) 
-> Fischhausen-Neuhaus via ski area (800m, 2h15min)
Difficulty: Easy

Ettaler Manndl (Ettal, Germany)
Ettal a small town with a large monastery is found on the way from Loisach valley for Germisch or Mittenwald to Oberammergau. Just behind the monastery Etterler Manndl stands with rocky top. The peak area has very steep rock but secured by thick chain so that everyone can climb along.
Ettal (877m) -> rock (1530m, 1h45min) -> Ettaler Manndl (1633m, 15min) 2h in total
Ettaler Manndl -> Oberammergau (837m, 2h30min)
Difficulty: Middle

Schinderkar (Valepp, Germany)
This mountain at the border between Germany and Austria was once done in the clock-wise direction. This time we will try the other way round in ccw direction climbing on the Kar=cirque.
The upper par of the cirque has very crunchy stones so that is is almost possible to grip them.
Valepp parking (895m) -> am Tor (1660m, 2h15min) -> Schinder (1808m, 0.5h) 2h45min in total
Schinder -> Valepp via Trausnitz-Alm (895m, 2h35min)
Difficulty: Middle

Wildalpjoch (Bayrischzell/Germany)
Wildalpjoch stands north side of a Sudelfeld ski area and is a east neighbor of TV-mount Wendelstein.
This small mountain is suitable for a season start and has only sunny side.
Bayrischzell Station (803m) -> Wildalpjoch (1720m, 2h25min)
Wildalpjoch (1720m, 12:00) -> Bayrischzell (803m, 2h30min)
Difficulty: Easy

Biglen (Berneroberland, Switzerland)
On such day with a nice weather, the famous hiking ways are full of tourists from Japan. Today we tried an unknown place Biglen, a hidden quiet hiking route but with wonderful view of Mountains. Biglen is located at the river that gathers water from Eigergletscher and forwards it to Trümmelbach fall.
Alpiglen (1616m) -> Kleine Scheidegg (2061m, 1h50min) -> Cross point with the route from Eigergletscher (2000m, 30min) -> Biglen (1735m, 1h45) -> Almend (1479m, 1h35min)
Difficulty: Easy

Bäregg (Berneroberland, Switzerland)
There was a restaurant hut on Stieregg hidden by Bäregg and was not visible from Grindelwald.
This quiet restarurant was swallowd by landslip in 2005. They built a new hut on Bäregg just next to Stieregg.
In 2006 there was another rock fall on the other side at Eiger east side. These both activities were caused by schrinking galcier obviously.
Grindelwald (1035m) -> Bäregg (1700m 2h50min) -> Pfingstegg (1390m 1.5h)
Difficulty: Easy

Ahornspitze (Mayrhofen, Tirol, Austria)
Ahornspitze near Myrhofen in Ziller-Valley is rather easy to climb in spite of its almost 3000m height. The Ahornbahn brings us to almost 2000m height. Additionally Edel hut in the middle of the way provides us with a comfortable rest point. But be careful, the last several hundred meters are really steep, breakable and unstable rocks!
Filzenalm (1955m) -> Edel hut (2238m 70 min) ->  Ahornspitze (2973m, 3h) (Uphill 3h15min)
Ahornspitze (2973m) -> Edel hut (2238m, 1h25min)  -> Filzenalm (1955m, 1h10min) (Downhill 2h25min)
Difficulty: Middle

Torscharte (Hinterriss, Tirol, Austria)
Torscharte is an ideal view point of the East Karwendel. Somehow I thought Karwendel was very far from my reach, but today it seemed that I could touch with my hands! Today I tried to follow the route in the clock wise direction.
Hinterriss (885m)  -> Torscharte (1815m) (Uphill 2h40min)
Torscharte (1815m, 13:00) -> Hinterriss (928m) (Downhill 2h)
Difficulty: Easy

Hineters Sonnwendjoch (Tirol, Austria)
A very large mountain near the border between Germany and Tirol in Austria. Despite of its height almost 2000m, its south face is used as farm because of its gentle slope, while its north face refuses any approach. Today I took the easiest way utilizing a toll road to Ankern farm in the middle of the mountain.
Ackern-Alm (1383m) -> Bärenband-Alm Branch@(1580m) 50min -> Hinteres Sonnwendjoch (1986m) 1h  (Uphill 1h50min)
Hinteres Sonnwendjoch (1986m) -> Ackern-Alm (1383m) 1.5h (Downhill 1h30min)
Difficulty: Very easy

Vorderskopf (Hinterriss, Austria)
Vorderskopf located at the border between Germany and Austria, also the entrance of the Karwendel has a very remarkable peak. It has a very flat and wide peak like a football field, while other mountains in this area have normally very sharp peaks.
Bus stop Kaierhütte (885m) -> Jagthütte (1526m) 2h -> Vorderskopf (1858m) 50min (uphill 2h50min)
Vorderskopf (1858m, 12:30) -> Hinterriss (928m, 15:20) (Downhill 2h50min)
Difficulty: Easy

Schafreuter (Vorder-/Hinterriss, Germany, Austira)
Schafreuter located at the entrance of the Karwendel, which is often pronounced as "Shafraiter" according to the local way, has one of the most attractive one-day touring route and is well known with its Tölzer hut.
Busstop Einstieg - Tölzerhütte (892m) -> Tölzerhütte (1835m) 2h -> Schafreuter (2101m) 45min (uphill 2h45min)
Schafreuter (2101m) -> Moosenalm (1590m) 1h10min -> Oswaldhütte (847m) 1h20min iDownhill 2h30minj
Difficulty: Middle

Rechelkopf (Bad Tölz, Gaißach, Germany)
Rechelkopf is the house mountain of Gaißach south neighbor of Bad Tölz. Gaißach is also known with its cray sled@racing "Schnablerrennen", in which many injured have to be treated by doctor. However, this small hill offers 360-degree panorama from its peak.
Gaißach  station (660m) -> Schwaiger-Alm (1123m) 1h15min -> Rechelkopf (1330m) 50min
Rechelkopf -> Greiling (699m) 1h30min -> Reichersbeuern (718m) 40min
Difficulty: Easy

Staffel (Jachenau Germany)
The river Jachen is flowing through the village. Although Staffel is not a well known mountain, it has an amazing panorama view on the Karwendel mountain group. The altitude difference is only 722 m so that it is suitable for a half day hiking.
Jachenau-Point (760m) -> Staffel (1532m) 1h45min
Staffel -> Jachnau Niggeln (745m) 1h10min, Niggeln -> Point 35min
Difficulty: Easy

Zwieselberg (Bad Tölz, Germany)
Zwieselberg is a house mountain of Bad Tölz. Even it has not a high altitude, I walked around about 24km distance, because I go there with train. Zwieselberg is a neighbor mountain of Blomberg, where lift is operated also in summer.
Therefore many family hikers visit there.
Obergries-Station (666m) -> Zwieselberg (1348m) 2h15min, Zwieselberg -> Pest-chapel (710m) 2h, Pest-chapel -> Bad Tölz station (687m) 1.5h
Difficulty: Easy

Oberbozen (Bozen/Bolzano/Italy)
Törggelen is derived from a Latin word torculum, which means wine presser. It means also to enjoy autumn in south Tirol with its harvest products such as wine, hams and chestnuts on the way of hiking. This time I visited Oberbozen (Sorpabolzano) located on the north side hill of Bozen (Bolzano) to enjoy Törggelen.
Almost flat hiking routes of 1.5h .. 3h durations
Difficulty: Easy

Gr. Traithen: (Bayrischzell/Germany)
Gr.Traithen is the highest peak of the mountain groups located in the east side of Bayrischzell village, about 60km far from Munich. Every guide book says that the way to the peak from Fell-Alm is very slippery.
Let's see how slippery it is!
Rosengasse Parking  (1033m) -> Gr.Traithen (1851m)  (2h40min)
Gr.Traithen  (1851m) -> 1478m point (1h50min)
1478m point -> Rosengasse Parking (1033m) (1h30min)
Difficulty: Easy

Blauberge: (Wildbad Kreuth/Germany)
Blauberge is located in the south direction from Tegernsee lake and just on the border to Austria. It consists of four peaks including the highest one Halserspitz (1863m). They are connected by a narrow ridge. The south side seems to be a gentle farm while the north side is steep cliff.
Bus stop Siebenhütten (822m) -> Halserspitz (1862m)@(3h50min)
Halserspitz (1862m) -> Wildbad Kreuth (2h30min)
Difficulty: Middle (Steep climbing from Wolfsschlucht and going down the norh ridge need attentions)

Hohe Kisten: (Eschenlohe/Germany)
Eschenlohe is a beautiful small village at the Loisach river and nearly at the end of the freeway 95. Ester mountains are located in the south direction from Eschenlohe. One of the attractive and the most easy to climb peak is Hohe Kisten (1922m).
Parkking Eschenlohe (678m) -> Pustertal Huter's Haus (1320m) 2h05min -> Hohe Kisten (1922m) 1h30min
Hohe Kisten -> Pustertal Jagdhaus 2h -> Parkplatz Eschenlohe 1h30min
Difficulty: Middle (Breakable Double-Kar needs careful steps.)

Heimgarten: (Kochel/Gemany)
Heimgarten and Herzogstand at lake Walchensee are also popular mountains because of a cabin rope way. The two mountains are connected by a narrow edge,. where lake Kochelsee and lake Walchensee in view. This time we took the round route in the clock-wise direction.
Parking at the rope way station - > Heimgarten (1788m) 2h35min - > Herzogstand Pavillion (1731m) 1h30min - >  Parking at the rope way station 2h
Difficulty: Easy (Some steel ropes and poles are availabel on the connection edge between Heimgarten and Herzogstand)

Schildenstein: (Wildbad Kreuth/Germany)
Schildenstein located at the west end of Blauberge has two different characteristics;
a family friendly hiking route from west and a little climbing from east.
Bus stop Siebenhütten (822m) -> Wolfsschluft (984m) 1.5h -> Schildenstein Saddle (1464m) 50min -> Schildenstein (1613m) 30min -> Klammaufstieg (830m) 2h -> Wildbadkreuth (793m) 40min
Difficulty: Middle (Steep climbing from Wolfsschlucht needs attentions)

Schönberg: (Lenggries/Germany)
Schönberg (1620m) is the neighbor mountain of Seekarkreuz (1601m).
Schönberg itself does not provide any challenge, but the way to Seekarkreuz seems to be much more interesting.
Fleck (735m) -> Röhrelmoos-Alm (1100m) 1h40min -> Schönberg (1620m) 1h50min -> Mariaeck (1469m) 20min -> Lenggrieser hut (1338m) 1h -> Fleck 1h30min
Difficulty: Middle (Passage from Mairaeck to Seekar needs attentions)

Seekarkreuz: (Lenggries/Germany)
Seekarkreuz (1601m) is a gentle mountain for family hiking located near of Lenggries. The tour includes further 3 peaks; Spitzkamp, Auerkamp and Ochsenkamp. Lenggrieser hut shortly under the peak of Seekarkreuz is also worth to visit.
Lenggries (679m) -> Lenggrieser Huette (1333m) 2h -> Seekarkreuz (1601m) 30min -> Spitzkamp (1603m) 35min -> Auerkamp (1607m ) 20min -> Ochsenkamp (1594m) 15min -> Hirschsattel (1224m) 35min -> Lenggries 1h30min
Difficulty: Middle (South face of Spitzkamp is very steep)

Tuxer-Joch: (Hintertux/Trio Austria)
Hintertux is a famous village in Tirol with its glacier for summer skiing. It is very beautiful area not only for skiing but also for hiking. Thanks to its higher altitude, different scenes like glacier and vegetation like edelweiss are expected.
Sommerberg-Alm (cabin station, 2030m) -> Tuxer-Joch-Haus (2316m) 40min -> Weissjoch (2518m) 30min -> Tuxer-Joch-Haus 20min -> Water fall (2020m) 55min -> Sommerberg-Alm 1h25m
Difficulty: Easy

Jägerkamp: (Spitzingsee/Germany)
One of the most easy and popular mountain Jägerkamp (1745m) is located at just in front of the door of Munich.
On such a hot summer day, we took a forest route at the west shadow of the mountain.
Parking (945m) -> Jaegerbauer-Alm (1544m) 1h20min, Jaegerbauer-Alm -> Jaegerkamp (1745m) 30min, Jaegerkamp -> Schoenfeld-Aml (1420m) 40min, Schoenfeldalm -> Spitzingsee (1084m) 1h10min, Spitzingsee -> Parking via Sattel(1127m) 40min
Difficulty: Short and easy tour

Hirschberg: (Tegernsee/Scharling Germany)
Scharling is located in the south of Tegernsee.
Hirschberg is one of the most popular mountain in the Tegernsee area. Its massive body is recognizable from all over the area. In spite of its scale, Hirschberg is easy also for family. Its popularity may be by a mountain hut Hirschberghaus, which is open through the year (except for Christmas season).
Scharling(767m) -> Hirschberg(1670m): 3:00, Hirschberg -> Hirschberghaus -> Scharling: 2.30.
Difficulty: Short and easy tour.

Leonhardstein: (Tegernsee/Kreuth Germany)
Kreuth is located in the south of Tegernsee.
Leonhardstein is like a symbol of Kreuth. This pyramid mountain is visible from everywhere of the village Kreuth. Although this mountain is small, the second half part becomes an interesting climbing.
1450m,Kreuth (772m) -> Leonhardstein (1450m):01:30 (tried to go as fast as possible. Standard time would be about 02:00), Leonhardstein -> Kreuth: 01:30
Difficulty: Short and easy tour with steep climbing that children can do (better?).

Guffertspitze: (Achensee/Steinberg Austria)
Guffertspitze is the highest one in Achensee valley area. It looks like Matterhorn sometime from certain view angles. Because it stands isolated from other mountains, it provides an incredible panorama view from the peak.
2195m, Uphill: about 3.5h, Downhill: about 3.0h
Difficulty: Easy tour with a little steep climbing guided with several steal ropes at the knife edge near the peak.

Baumgartenschneid: (Tegernsee/Schliersee Germany)
Between Teegernsee and Schliersee was also an open issue. The highest one of this area is Baumgartenschneid (1448m). Another panorama point with a small chapel Riederstein is on the way from Tegernsee station. Some gentle peaks with lunch huts can be connected,
1826m, Uphill: about 2.1h, Downhill through several other peaks to Schliersee: about 2.75h
Difficulty: Very easy tour without critical passage. (The second half is possible also by moutain bike.).

Eigertrail: (Berner Oberland/Switzerland)
This hiking route just beneath of the Eiger north face was opened in 1997. You can see the details of the north face and how great and crazy the climbers are, who tried and succeeded or lost to challenge the wall. This route is closed as long as any danger such as valance is alarmed. It is recommended to try in autumn.
2326m, Uphill from Alpiglen to Eigergletscher: about 2.6h, Downhill to Kleine Scheidegg: about 0.8h
Difficulty: Easy traversing (The route may be closed when any danger like avalance is expected.)

Faulhorn: (Berner Oberland/Switzerland)
The route from Bussalp(1800m) to Faulhorn (2680m) was still open. A nice panorama view to the Berner mountains maks us never being tired. Tour in high temperature might be to hot, because whole route is facing to south without tree. This might be an easy but interesting ski tour route because of its constant inclination.
1826m, Uphill: about 2.6h, Downhill to Gr. Scheidegg via First: about 3.25h
Difficulty: Easy with no critical passage.

Risserkogel: (Tegernsee/Kreuth Germany)
A hidden highest peak in the south area of Tegernsee Risserkogel (1826m) showed almost all the surrounding pre-alpine mountains and nice view on the Austrian alpine. The neighboring Blankenstein shows also amazing wild rock figure.
1826m, Uphill: about 2.4h, Downhill: about 2.2h
Difficulty: Easy with one steep climbing guided with several steal ropes at the north side of Risserkogel.

Geigerstein/Fockenstein: (Lenggries/Bad Wiessee Germany)
On the east side of Isar river at Lenggries, 1 hour train trip from Munich, Geigerstein (1491m) seems to be one of the good panorama point. The second peak on the way to lake Tegernsee, another peak Fockenstein (1564m) was also waiting. This tour is rather long but is not so hard as expected.
Total altitude difference is about 1200m, Uphill 3.0h, downhill 2.5h. Easy tour with some steep rock cliff.

Trainsjoch: (Ursprung Austria)
Trainsjoch (1708m) is just on the border between Germany and Austria.
We can go along the border on the edge finding border stones.
The start point "Ursprung" (830m) means "origin", that matches exactly to this tour.
878m, Uphill 3.0h, Dowhill with round tour 2:40. Easy tour with one steep slope at the west aproach of the top.

Brünnstein: (Oberaudorf Germany)
Brünnstein (1619m) was also open. To park at Rosengasse Parking (1060m), at the east side of Sudelfeld ski area, motorcycle is easier.
It was hard to decide whether Brünnstein or Gr. Traithen to hike up today. Another friendly group made me a decision to go with them to Brünnstein.
559m, Uphill 2.5h, Downhill with round tour 3.0h. Middle difficulty with steep cliffs equipped with steal wire ropes and other support materials.

Roßstein: (Bayerwald Germany)
Roßstein (1698m) and Buchstein (1701m) are famous with their remarkable hut, Tegernseerhuette, which is pasted between two rocks.
It takes only about 45 minutes from munich to Bayerwald on the foot of these mountains.
This tour has an interesting steep cliff as a small challenge.
840m, 5:00 easy round tour with a steep cliff equipped with steal wire rope.

Falkenstein: (Salzkammergut Austria)
St.Gilgen and St.Wolfgang at Wolfgangsee in Salzkammergut are connected by a hiking route. Mountain bikers are also on the way..
250m, 3:30 easy tour also for children.
Mayrhofen: (Tirol Austria)
Zillertal (Ziller valley) is one of the most beautiful and attractive area of Tirol in Austria.
It takes only about 2 hours from Munich.
Everything is inexpensive there in spite of its very modern infrastructure.
300m, 5:00 easy round tour.
Juifen: (Tirol Austria)
Only several km from the border of Germany and Austria, Juifen is standing hidden with other mountains. Juifen has a rather long reach but not steep approach, which makes it possible to bike up or hike up with skis.
The picture is not Juifen but Guffert, almost Matterhorn of Achen valley.
1100m, Uphill 3:30, downhill 3:00. Easy tour.
Seeberg: (Bayrischzell Germany)
It was almost not possible in last year because of broken trees by a storm.
I just heard from a old lady, whom I met some times in the train, said that the route is just opened.
738m, Uphill 2:30, downhill 2:00. Easy round tour.
Brecherspitz: (Fischhausen-Neuhaus Germany)
In autumn once it becomes cold, then again warm. They call it Altweiber Sommer. This week through it was very hot really like in summer. On Saturday the temperature reached almost to 30 degrees.
863m, uphill 1:35, traverse and downhill 2:00. Easy tour except for a critical point just underneath the peak of the Brecherspitz. 
Miesing: (Geitau Germany)
Miesing(1883m) is located in Mangfall group, which can be said as Munich's house mountain.
1103m, uphill 2:40, downhill 2:30. Easy but rather long round tour.
Tre Cime di Lavaredo: (Dolomite Italy)
Is there any other mountain with such a remarkable figure?
Tre Cime di Lavaredo is not so far from Munich.
I would take about 4 to 5 hours with car or motorcycle.
This funny mountain is near from Cortina d'Ampezzo in Italy.
Light up-down in 3:30. Easy round tour.
Kleine Scheidegg: (Berner Oberland, Switzerland)
Grindelwald is one of the most popular area in Switzerland.
In 2003 we had experienced the hottest summer, so the hiking course had to be higher than 2000m.
Maenlichen-Kleine Scheidegg 2h light walk
Kleine Scheidegg-Grund 3:00 long downhill.
Schinigeplatte: (Berner Oberland, Switzerland)
Hiking from First to Schinigeplatte is also nice for summer.
The highest Hotel on the top of Faulhorn is waiting for us with lunch.
First(2167m) -Faulhorn(2680m) 2:30 Faulhorn-Schinigeplatte(2067m) 3:45, long walk with no difficulties (before July could be difficult because of snow). 
Grosse Scheidegg: (Berner Oberland, Switzerland)
It takes about 30 minutes to Grosse Scheidegg by bus from Grindelwald.
Today I have to leave to Munich again. This route is the optimum one for the last tour.
Grosse Scheidegg i1962‚j- First (2167m), 2:00, easy tour.
Aiplspitz: (Geitau, Germany)
A pyramid form mountain is seen from Geitau.
Compare with its north face, the approach from south is very easy.
Geitau (780m) - 3:00 -Aiplspitz(1756m) -3:15- Fischhausen-Neuhaus (820m), rather long and middle difficulty.
Gr. Glockner: (Heiligenblut, Austria)
A small hiking with a great view of Pasterze Glacier and Gr. Glockner starting from Glocknerhaus down to Margaritzenstausee.
Glocknerhaus(2135m) - Steinzeichen - Pasterze Glacier - Franz-Josefs-hoehe(2386m) - Glocknerhaus, about 400m height difference, 3:30, easy round tour.
Breitenstein: (Geitau/Fischbachau, Germany)
Breitenstein is a small mountain at the north end of Alps.
Geitau(790m) - 2:30 - Breitenstein (1622m) - 2:00 - Geitau.
832m, easy tour.
Rotwand/Taubenstein: (Spitzing, Germany)
One of the most popular mountain for the people in Munich is Rotwand 
Normally cabin rope way (Taubensteinbahn) is used for a family hiking.
From Spitzingsee it is also easy to reach.
Spitzingsee(1100m) -2:45- Rotwand (1884m) -1:15- Taubenstein (1692m) - 2:00 - Spitzingsee
780m, easy tour.
Benediktenwand: (Lenggries/Benediktbeuren/Jachenau, Germany)
Benediktenwand is located also the north end of Alps.
Utilizing the Brauneck cabin rope way (Brauneckbahn), we got additional time for optional peaks such as Latschenkopf and Achselkoepfe.
Brauneck Station (1480m) -1:00- Latschenkopf (1712m) -1:00- Achselkoepfe 2 (1675m) - 1:00 - Benediktenwand (1800m) - 3:00 - Jachnau (790m),
Total uphill about 900m, middle difficulty.
Hirschhörnlkopf: (Jachenau, germany)
Hirschhörnlkopf, a difficult to pronounce but easy to hike up, is just near of Jachenau.
Hiking up along the south face is great for a sunny winter day.
Jachenau (790m) -2:00- Hirschhörnlkopf (1514m) -1:30 - Jachenau
724m, very easy tour.
Schinder: (Valepp, Germany/Austria)
Schinder has remarkable "Kar" at the north side.
It looks like a volcanogenic mountain.
A mountain toll road from Rottach-Egern brings us to Valepp.
Valepp (900m) -2:45- Austria Schinder (1808m) -2:30 Valepp.
Difficulty: middle
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