Kleine Scheidegg (Grindelwald)

Grindelwald is one of the most popular area in Switzerland.
In 2003 we had experienced the hottest summer, so the hiking course had to be higher than 2000m.

Because it is the arrival day there, the most simple and popular course was taken.
The Maenlichenbahn, the longest cabin in Europe, brought us from 943m to 2229m against Sfr.30!

Panorama from Maenlichen. Red cabins can be seen on the left side.
Wetterhorn (3692m), Schreckhorn(4078m), Eiger(3970m), Moench(4107m), Tschuggen(2521m) and Jungfrau(4158m).
Everyone is there!

It took less than 2h to Kleine Scheidegg taking pictures of the flowers along the way.
Children were going together and also some baby cars!
Alpine marmots were shouting..

Eiger from Kleine Scheidegg.

Roestizza, a mixture of Roesti and Pizza!

To save money I went down from Kleine Scheidegg to Grund.
Stocks are very helpful!

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