Hohe Kisten

Eschenlohe is a beautiful small village at the Loisach river and nearly at the end of the freeway 95.
Ester mountains are located in the south direction from Eschenlohe.
One of the attractive and the most easy to climb peak is Hohe Kisten (1922m).
Hohe Kisten looks like just a group of boxes put on the mountain due to its rocky upper part.

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The route starts from the end of the village as a forest road.  Many mountain bikers are also on the way.
This road goes also to the south face of Hohe Kisten.
After about 1 hour 15 minutes, you will find the panel indicating Krottenkopf and Hohe Kisten.
After going through a steep path equipped with a steel rope, you will find a large field and small hunter huts.
Then the highlight begins.

Branch from the jeep road

Looking back to north (Heimgarten and Herzogstand)

A beautiful field and hunting huts

The second steep rocky terrain

Looking back from the saddle

Krottenkopf (2066m) and Zugspitze (background)

Here we are!

Hohe Kisten from Eschenlohe

After two steep rock terrains you will reach the saddle to the south face of the Hohe Kisten.
Compare with the wild rock of the north area, the south area looks like a large flat field.
Climbing up on the steep south slope of the Hohe Kisten is also possible.
The normal route approaches from the west to the peak.

Another mild east route was taken for going down.


Parking Eschenlohe (678m, 9:10) -> Pustertal Hunter's Huts (1320m, 11:15) -> Hohe Kisten (1922m, 12:45)
Hohe Kisten (1922m, 13:30) -> Pustertal Hunter's Huts (1320m, 15:30) -> Parking Eschenlohe (678m, 17:00)
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