Not the famous one near the Zugspitze today another Waxenstein (1310m) in Lenggries will be checked out, which will require only small tour in the morning.

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Waxenstein in the middle

Jeep way to the Kot-Alm

Just at the beginning of the Kot-Alm, turn right into the forest, then again to right here (no sign).

After several minutes hiking up along the path (some yellow markings are on trees), the cross at the peak appears.

After traversing along the steep rock, we reached to the small peak of Waxenstein.

The neighbour Demelspitz (1158) is only for climbers.

This is the first sign on the Kot-Alm

This is not a snake but a slow warm!

Waxenstein with background of Brauneck

Obermurbach (730m, 08:30) -> Kot-Alm (1180m, 09:30) -> Waxenstein (1310m, 09F58)
Waxenstein (1310m, 10F55)  -> Kot-Alm (1180m, 11:10) -> Obermurbach (730m, 11:55)

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