In autumn once it becomes cold, then again warm.
They call it Altweiber Sommer.
This week through it was very hot really like in summer.
On Saturday the temperature reached almost to 30 degrees.

Brecherspitz (1683m) is easy to reach by motorcycle from Munich. It took only 1 hour.
A hidden parking is just at the foot of the mountain (820m).

(c) Bayerische Vermessugsverwaltung

This time I took a route along the edge in the clock-wise direction.

Starting from the jeep way. The dog was always together even through the steep rock ways.

When the forest ends, today's goal became visible.

The last spurt is along the steep hang.

Schliersee and Neuhaus

It was 10.30 at the peak.
1:35 for 863m height.

Waking up too early makes one hungry.
Nori-ben with sausages, boiled eggs and tomato.

After 30 minutes, the peak became full.

Panorama from the peak of Brecherspitz
Spitzingsee 1068m and Spitzing ski area.
Schinder behind, Gr. Venediger far away...

The most critical point is just under the peak.
Everyone can go over..

The way just went up can be seen over there.

A small chapel is standing on the west peak.
Oa nette Bayer und a huebsches Diandl aus Ost-Tirol.

Pretty figures of Maria and Jesus are in it.

The hut on the way has cooled beer but today I have to drive!!

It was 12:55 when I came back to my moto.
That is one of the smallest route but has everything!

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