What a perfect season! It is always sunny, at the weekends either!
On a late autumn day the flat land gets foggy but highland becomes sunny whole day long for hiking.

Today we went to Tegernsee with BOB train and started to hike up to Neureut with further walking in the clock-wise direction picking up some other peaks.

(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung  isnoTOj

View on Tegernsee from the start of the route

Tegernsee has almost no fog


After while going through the forest

We get to Neureut soon.

Flat land is still sticking into the fog


Kreuzberg-Alm with Breitenstein/Wendelstein in background

Enjoying sunny place

Go down to Tegernsee

In the golden forest

On the way back, we found some space for nine members in Tegernsee brewery for taking some beers and meals.
We could get the train at 17:26 bound to Munich.

Tegernsee Bahnhof (760m, 9:40) -> Neureut (1263m, 10:45)
Neureut (11:30) -> Gindelalmschneid (1331m, 12:05) -> Kreuzberg-Alm (1223m, 12:25) -> Baumgarten-Alm (1363m, 13:15)
Baumgarten-Alm (14:00) -> Riederstein (1207m, 14:30) -> Galaun (1070m, 14:50) -> Schwaighof (860m, 15:15) -> Tegernseerbräu (730m, 15:45)
Tegernseerbräu (17:12) -> Tegernsee Bahnhof (17:23)

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