Gr. Traithen

Gr.Traithen is the highest peak of the mountain groups located in the east side of Bayrischzell village, about 60km far from Munich,.
Every guide book says that the way to the peak from Fell-Alm is very slippery.
Let's see how slippery it is!

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Today we start from the parking in Rosengasse, that you arrive from the mountain road starting from the village.
Although it did not rain for a long time, the terrain up to Fell-Alm was already slippery.

Starting from Rosengasse

Once we are on Fell-Alm, our goal is in reach

The last terrain was really slippery

On the peak of Gr.Traithen

View onto the Inn valley

View into west

We left the peak where many hikers were coming

Going down to Brünnstein

Brünnstein was filled with many hikers

Beautiful autumn color

We can enjoy the great panorama, although It takes only 2 hours to the peak.
Because the way down to Fell-Alm was so slippery, we took another easy way along the edge to east.

Panorama from the peak (in west)

Rosengasse Parking  (1033m, 08:50) -> Gr.Traithen (1851m, 11:00)
Gr.Traithen  (1851m, 11:30) -> 1478m point (13:20)
1478m point (13:50) -> Rosengasse Parking (1033m, 15:20)

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