Monte Colodri

At the north shore of the largest lake of Italy, Lago di Garda, there are plenty of steep rocks for climbing, some of them are with via ferrata.

At the several miles away from Riva del Garda to north, an old village Arco has Monte Colodri in its background.

Walking from the parking toward the camping area, you will find the entrance to the via ferrata, indicated a sign with Carabiner.

Cliff behind the village

At the other side of the camping place, you will find this sign

Today's route

The via ferrata starts here

Climbing with gears

Steel steps are installed for help

It did not take much

Monte Colodri's cross is seen behind

Olive field on the west side

Middle old village Arco

山頂から Lago di Garda 方面を望む。前方の丘は Monte Brione

Arco Parking (85m, 10:00) -> Camping (10:08) -> Via Ferrata 入り口 (175m, 10:25) -> Via Ferrata 出口 (370m, 11:35) -> Monte Colodri (400m, 11:50)
Monte Colodri (400m, 12:25) -> Lagehl (220m, 12:50) -> Arco (85m, 13:25) -> Arco Parking (13:35)

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