Kofel (1342m)

Kofel is the symbolic mountain of Oberammergau known by its Passion Play in every 10-year.
From the village it looks like Nessy's head but the approach to the peak, secured by steel wires, is from its behind.

It is not a difficult route at all and requires only 1.5h to the peak.

(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung  isnoTOj

Starting from the parking of the cemetery

Rock wall appears after a few minutes walk

Steep route appears just after flat traversing route

Looking down to direction of Ettal

Climbing up along the wire

Passing by the remarkable rock from the left

Turn right at the end of a narrow path

The peak is just after this rock slope

The peak is rather flat

Woody Jesus

The peak is filled with many hikers by this nice weather.

Looking down to Oberammergau. The shadow of the Kofel can be recognized.

We followed the flat route from Kolbensattel towards Kolben-Alm used also as skiing-area.

Oberammergau Friedhof (842m, 09:50) -> Kolbensattel (1215m, 10:55) -> Kofel (1342m, 11F20)
Kofel (1434m, 12F00)  -> Kolbensattel (1215m, 12:20)  -> Kolben-Alm (1000m, 12:45) -> Oberammergau Friedhof (842m, 14:10)
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