It was almost not possible in last year because of broken trees by a storm.
I just heard from a old lady, whom I met some times in the train, said that the route is just opened.

(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung  isnoTOj
The track was logged by GPS and transferred to the map by editrex2

Seeberg(1538m) from south with background of Wendelstein (1838m).
Here it it the north end of the Alps.

Winter has gone at last.

Covered carefully

Still 30cm snow in the top.

Woody cross with surge protection.

View direction to Munich and Breitenstein (1622m)

Bayerische Oberland Bahn. BOB diesel from Austria.

Behind the well known Bayeirsche Voralpen, Hiteres Sonnwendjpch (1988m) is also visible.
Auerspitz in the middle seems to be still back country skiing area.

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