Wildalpjoch (1720m)

Wildalpjoch stands at the north side of Sudelfeld ski area and is the east neighbor of TV-mount Wendelstein.
This small mountain is suitable for a season start and has only sunny side.

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The shortest approach would be from the parking of the youthhostel, shortly north from Sudelfeld restaurant.
Just under the youthhostel, you will find the hiking route to Wildalpjoch on the left side. After passing through two small hills, go to right onto the asphalt street.
After a short cut in the middle, the street ends to a flat field, where you take the route to Wildalpjoch indicated on a marker.
From that on the route becomes steeper and steeper until you reaches the edge. Take the route to right then you will be on the peak in 20 minutes.

Bayrischzell with Wendelstein

Quiet ski route to Sudelfeld

Wildalpjoch (middle) from Sudelfeld

Hiking route under the youth hostel

Enjoy the sun shine

The end of the asphalt street

The last steep part

The last part needs 5 minutes

Cross at the peak

On the way to Wendelstein with DVBT antenna

This time I took the route to Wendelstein where many families are on the way because of its rope way and train.

Panorama from the peak. Inn valley in the left, Ursprung valley in the middle, and Wendelstein at the right.

Bayrischzell Station (803m, 9:00) -> Restaurant Sudelfeld (1100m, 09:45) -> Wildalpjoch (1720m, 11:25) (uphill 2h25m)
Wildalpjoch (1720m, 12:00) -> Under Kesselwand (1675m, 12:35) -> Bayrischzell (803m, 14:30) (Downhill 2h30)

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