Grasleitenkopf (1434m)

Grasleitenkopf is one of the back yard mountain of Lenggries.
Its peak is just behind of the Lenggrieser hut.

From its peak the route continues to the west, followed by a panorama route on the narrow edge.
An amazing panorama looking down onto the Isar valley from a small peak called Grassleiten must be seen.

This route is not well-known but because of the perfect weather, many hikers are on this route.

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Taking intg account to allow another car space..

Beautiful autumn decoration

Welcome by a lovely cat

Beautiful farm on a foot of mountain

The second half ot the route is in forest

Panorama from Lenggrieser hut

It looks tasty but a little bit too late

The peak is not far from the hut

Grand panorama from Grassleiten (1209m) on the route down to lenggries

Lenggries Hohenburg (700m, 09:30) -> Lenggrieser hut (1338m, 11:10) -> Grasleitenkopf (1434m, 11F30)
Grasleitenkopf (1434m, 12F00)  -> Grasleiten (1296m, 12:30)  -> Lenggries Hohenburg (700m, 13:40) 
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