Törggelen is derived from a Latin word torculum, which means wine presser.
It means also to enjoy autumn in south Tirol with its harvest products such as wine, hams and chestnuts on the way of hiking.

This time I visited Oberbozen (Sorpabolzano) located on the north side hill of Bozen (Bolzano) to enjoy Törggelen.

The 3D picture is created by Kashmir3D based on the space shuttle elevation data and landsat pictures.

Lengmoos and its old church

On the hiking route from Lengmoos
Sasso Lungo (3181m) on the left side

Hoodoos from the hiking road to Maria Saal

Spinach dumpling (Spinatködel)

A beautiful autumn in this year

Hoodoos just under Oberbozen allow less distance

Narrow gauge railway between Oberbozen and Klobenstein

Restful village Oberbozen

Another world is there if you go up for 1000m from the city Bozen (250m) by cable car or by bus.
North mountain area of Bozen is called Ritten, a large tourist area for four seasons.
One of the natural attraction is Erdpyramiden (hoodoos).
Earth underneath of a large stone is saved against rain water.
The rest of earth surrounding the stone is washed out. This results on a long pole with a large stone on the top.
A pole that stone is lost, will be washed out very quickly.

Hoodoos near of Klobenstein

The under half of the hill near Bozen is covered with wine farms such as the famous St. Magdalener.
Different kinds of  dumplings, hams, cheese, apples, chestnuts and Liquors are also to enjoy.

In Bozen you will hear Italian also but german is spoken here on the hill.

East view from Oberbozen with Rosengarten (middle right, 2981m) on the background

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