Stolzenberg (1609m), Rosskopf (1580m)

Because the weather should be worth afternoon, a small mountain was chosen.
Changing the train to bus at the Fischhausen-Neuhaus station, we will arrive at Spitzingsee.
Many selection of routes are available here.
Considering of some escape routes Stolzenberg bacame the goal of today.

(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung TOP50

Lake Spitzing in a quiet autumn day with background of Brecherspitz

Along the forest road

Ghost stone

Rotwand in the middle

Going around the edge into the south slope and after hiking up it, now a rock wall stands in front.

 Climbing up the wall, Schinder can be seen among the trees.

Also Lake Spitzing from the gap of trees

Rosskopf after Rotkopf

  Bodenschneid seen from Stümpfling

St. Leonhard church at the station

Despite of the negative weather forecast
, it was sunny throughout the day. Rosskopf and Stümpfling could also be checked out.
Especially the panorama from the Rosskopf was quite nice so that I took a half-hour rest on the grass.

After going down on the ski piste, I went along the asphalt street to the lake in the huge amount of people partly with their baby-cart.
The train back to Munich was extremely crowded because of the last beautiful weather of this autumn.

On the Rosskopf

Panorama from the top of Rosskopf

Schinder, Guffert, Halserspitz, Karwendel, Risserkogel, Blankenstein, Buchstein, Setzberg, Wallberg ‚ seemed to be just in reach.

Spitzing Kirche (1090m, 09:10) -> Stolzenberg (1609m, 10:40) -> The end of the edge (1580m, 10:55)
The end of the edge (11:15) -> Rotkopf (1580m, 11:35) -> Rosskopf (1580m, 12:00)
Rosskopf (12:30) -> Stümpling (1506m, 13:00) -> Untere Firstalm (1310m, 13:25) -> Spitzingsee (1084m, 14:00) -> Spitzingsee Kirche (1090m, 14:25)

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