Bodenschneid (1669m)

Since it was rainy last time, Bodenschneid was repeated.
It was a light walking only about 2 hours from the train station Fischhausen-Neuhaus.
The large metal cross on the top is visible even from far away.
The steep route from Bodenschneid hut becomes uncomfortable and dangerous when it is wet.

(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung TOP50

Classic station

Party icy grass

Forest of fall

The metal cross is shining

Bodenschneidhaus hut also for overnight

The last steep 300m

View back onto the Bodenschneidhaus

The last gate rock to the peak

Here we are

Going down on the gentle slope

Lake Tegernsee from the peak

Panorama from the peak

Fischhausen-Neuhaus (800m, 07:50) -> Bodenschneid (1669m, 09:55)
Bodenschneidr (10:45) -> Fischhausen-Neuhaus (13:00)

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