Rossstein (1698m) and Buchstein (1701m) are famous with their remarkable hut, Tegernseerhuette, which is pasted between two rocks.
It takes only about 45 minutes from munich to Bayerwald on the foot of these mountains.
This tour has an interesting steep cliff as a small challenge.

Buchstein and Tegernseerhut

The route starts from a parking near Bayerwald.
(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung

Silberdistil a symbol of autumn

Rossstein (left) and Buchstein (right)

The last uphill is almost climbing

A small girl with her parents is also challenging.

Tegernseerhut is supplied by a material rope way

Water fall on the way at the north side

On the top of Rossstein (1698m)

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