Vorderskopf (1858m)

Vorderskopf located at the border between Germany and Austria, also the entrance of the Karwendel has a very remarkable peak.
It has a very flat and wide peak like a football field, while other mountains in this area have normally very sharp peaks.

(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung  isnoTOj

BOB railway offers special combination tickets including bus transfers to the mountains.

"Bergsteiger Ticket Karwendel Eng/Spitzing" includes return travel including a bus transfer and costs EUR21 (or EUR19 for DAV = German Alpine Association). Today I took the train to Lenggries and change bus to Eng. I got off the bus at the "Keiserhütte", from where you will find a small bridge to the west side of the river "Riss".
You have to pay much attention to find out a small sign showing "Vorderskopf" on the street.

A small bridge on the Riss

Do not miss this small sign showing "Vorderskopf"

Soon you will find the peak of the Vorderskopf

It snowed already in the Karwendels

Schafreuter of the last weekend has also the snow

Already 2/3 if you find this hunter's hut

The last part is a very steep terrain

How can you imagine the flat peak!

Going down along the Riss

A beautiful village Hinterriss

Panorama of the flat peak of the Vorderskopf! Abnormal panorama not for the sight from the peak but the peak itself!
Everyone was roughing when she or he arrived at the peak and saw such a flat peak!
After going around on the snow covered peak for a while, I went down on a cmnfortable road towards Hinterris.

Bus stop Kaierhütte (885m, 8:40) -> Jagthütte (1526m, 10:40) -> Vorderskopf (1858m, 11:30) (uphill 2h50m)
Vorderskopf (1858m, 12:30) -> Hinterriss (928m, 15:20) (Downhill 2h50)

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