( Zwieselberg: 1348m )

Zwieselberg is a house mountain of Bad Tölz.
Even it has not a high altitude, I walked around about 24km distance, because I go there with train.
Zwieselberg is a neighbor mountain of Blomberg, where lift is operated also in summer.
Therefore many family hikers visit there.
 This time, I started from Obergries bound to Zwieselberg, Blomberg and Heigelkopf.
Afterwards I visited to the Pest-chapel before I went to Bad Tölz.

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Going over Isar from Obergries station

A beautiful village Arzbach

Benediktenwand on the background

At last the hiking route!

The paek is not so far from Schnaiter-Alm (1245m)

Zugspitze on the background

Blomberg-hut is filled with guests!

Heigelkopf (1205m) on the way back

Pest-chapel on the foot of mountain

Bad Tölz (old city) with its market

The pest-chapel is located between Wackersberg and Lehen.
In the 17th century after 30 Years War so many peoples were killed by pest so that they had to find out somewhere to grave them.
Obviously they found the place between tow villages, where none could infect.

Panorama from the peak of Zwieselberg
Left: Isar valley, front: BenediktenwandA Right: Zugspitze

Obergries station (666m, 08:45) -> Zwieselberg (1348m, 11:00)
Zwieselberg (1348m, 11:30) -> Blomberghut (1200m, 11:50), -> Heigelkopf (1205m, 12:12) ->
Pest-Chapel (710m, 13:30) -> Bad Tölz Station (1033m, 15:00)

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