Hunds]Alm Eishöhle

Lake Thiersee is between Bayrischzell (Germany) and Kufstein (Austria).
The ice cave on the Hunds-Alm farm (transhumance) is located on a mountain accessible from the village Hinterthiersee.

(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung  isnoTOj

Hiking-up bound to Hunds-Alm


Following to the sign, go into the forest and a small hut appears.

Winter jacket and helmet are provided for the guided tour in the ice cave.

The temperature in the cave is 2 degrees Celsius also in summer.

It was not much enough so we decided to take an optional extension.

View onto the Inn valley

However, the route has permanent up and down

Some peaks have to be passed through.

We arrived Höhlensteinhaus at 17:00. The sign says the route requires much effort!

Well known trick: That should be the last peak to be passed.

Hinterthiersee forest street (1045m, 10:15) -> Hunds-Alm (1430m, 12:00) -> Eishöhle (1515m, 12F15)
Eishöhle (13:25) -> Hundsalmjoch (1637m, 14:32) ->  Köglhörndl (1645m, 15:57) -> Höhlensteinhaus (1233m, 17:00)
Höhlensteinhaus (18:00) -> Hinterthiersee forest street (1045m, 19:00)

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