Rabenkopf (1555m)

Rabenkopf has many small streams and water falls along its route.
We started from Jachenau at the south village of the mountain.

Tower of a church in Jachenau

Go along the stream just from the parking

Turn to left soon on the bridge towards Rappinlaine stream

Narrow path secured by steel wire

The stream is already 100m below

Going up along the stepped water falls

Water falls everywhere

Staffel-Alm under the peak

The peak is 30 Minutes hike up from Staffel-Alm

Lake Kochelsee in west

West sight from the peak

Another route was taken for the return way.

Jachenau Parking (768m, 09:37) -> Kochler-Alm (1173m, 12:30)
Kochler-Alm (1173m, 13:00) -> Staffel-Alm (1722m, 13:20) -> Rabenkopf(1555m 13:50)
Rabenkopf(1555m 14:20) -> -> Staffel-Alm (1722m, 14:35)
Staffel-Alm (1722m, 15:00) -> Jachenau Parking (768m, 17:00)
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