Ettaler Manndl (1633m)

On the free way from Munich to Garmisch, you will find the area where mountains are coming closer suddenly.
This is about from the area Murnau with gentle lakes going to Eschenlohe or Oberammergau, which is famous with its passion play in every ten-year.

Ettal is located at the east side of Oberammergau with a large monastery. Behind the monastery Ettaler Manndl with rocky top is hidden.
Manndl (in standard German Männchen) means a small man = dwarf which is often found in fairy tales.
The top part of this mountain is very steep and rocky. However, some thick chain is installed so that everyone can clime without large difficulty.

(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung  TOP50

The large monastery of Ettal

This might be the Manndl ?

Rocky wall appears suddenly near the top

The crowded route

The almost virtical wall with well polished steps.

The steep rock ends in around 15 minutes.

The small top is already filled up. Zugspitze can be seen left behind.

Flat north side

Much work for going down

Top from the north side

Down to Oberammergau

House walls with beautiful painting

Ettal (877m, 10:10) -> Rock (1530m, 11:55) -> Ettaler Manndl (1633m, 12:10) (Uphill 2h)
Ettaler Manndl (1720m, 12:30) -> Oberammergau (837m, 15:00) (Downhill 2h30)

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