Miesing(1883m) is located in Mangfall group, which can be said as Munich's house mountain.

(c)Bayerische Vermessngsverwaltung
This time I took a round trip course around Miesing, which consists of almost jeep way.

It took almost only one hour from Munich with motorcycle and I arrived there at 9:15.
After changing my clothes, I had to walk 2km along the airport for glider.

At the parking in Geitau (780m).
Moto was parked near the power mast so that it can be seen easy from the top of the mountain.

From Sattel (Saddle) 1704m

It is already autumn but the long uphill made me very warm.
It took only 2:40 to the peak, because almost all ways were for jeep.

The top is very flat.

From the top, my moto was visible!!

North-west panorama for 270 degrees: Brecherspitz is the next goal.


From the south of the peak, it seems a gentle slope!

Lake Soin, a quiet lake in the mountain. (1459m)
Someone was fishing.

This summer is too hot also for cows.

After going down along the jeep way, I came back to my moto at 15:00.

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