Hinteres Sonnwendjoch (1986m)

A very large mountain near the border between Germany and Tirol in Austria.
Despite of its height almost 2000m, its south face is used as farm because of its gentle slope, while its north face refuses any approach.

Today I took the easiest way utilizing a toll road to Ankern farm in the middle of the mountain.

(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung  isnoTOj

Cheese shop for tourists

Going to west on the asphalt street

After steeping into the moutain route, the peak becomes visible soon

The north face is really steep

East neighbor

Panorama for 360 degrees!

Let's take another route going down

Stepping over between rocks

Gentle mountain pine trees

The end point of today's tour with view of Kaiser

In spite of its rather small hight differece (less 700m), its peeak reaches almost 2000m.
The hiking road is easy for family but the panorama from the peak is something special.

Panorama - north

Panorama - south

Ackern-Alm (1383m, 9:30) -> Bärenband-Alm Branch@(1580m, 10:20) -> Hinteres Sonnwendjoch (1986m, 11:20)  (Uphill 1h50m)
Hinteres Sonnwendjoch (1986m, 12:00) -> Ackern-Alm (1383m, 13:30) (Downhill 1h30m)

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