Auracher Köpferl (1231m)

Auracher Köpferl is a not well-known hidden peak of Aurach near Fischbachau.
Starting from the station with attractive name Fischbachau, along the train track back to the west, the route stars from Fischbach-Alm, that name has nothing to do with cows.

There are tow different approaches to the peak. One is along the east edges direct route, which is only for well trained, according to the description.
Today I took the easier one from the north side of the peak.

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The peak is already visible from Fischbachau station

Walking along the track and turning left at the end of the village, the route starts from this opening fence at the right side before the train track.

The beginning of the route from Fischbach-Alm

Then follow the flat route to the north side of the peak

The last par of the route is very steep

You will find several rocks on the right, but they are not the peak. Turn the left!

At the end of the route, turn around, then you will find a hidden small peak. A metal notebook cover will be found.

Breitenstein and Wendelstein seen from the east neighbor peak

On the way back Hohenwaldeck ruin can be checked out

Schliesee seen from the ruin

Unfortunately the route today was almost in shadow or at the north side of the mountain

Fischbachau station (770m, 09:20) -> Branch to the peak (1120m, 10:40) -> Auracher Köpferl (1231m, 11F00)
Auracher Köpferl (1231m, 11F50)  -> Burg Hohenwaldeck (986m, 13:00)
Burg Hohenwaldeck (986m, 13:10)  -> Fischhausen-Neuhaus station (800m, 13:35)
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