Hirschberg is one of the most popular mountain in the Tegernsee area.
Its massive body is recognizable from all over the area.
In spite of its scale, Hirschberg is easy also for family.
Its popularity may be by a mountain hut Hirschberghaus, which is open through the year (except for Christmas season).

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Baumgartenschneid from village "Scharling"

Climbing up the sunny Brunbichl ski piste.

Going on the comfortable jeep road.


Panorama direction to Tegernsee from Rauheck-Alm.

South panorama from the peak.

The last few meters

The famous scene of Hirschberg
(Tegernsee on the background)

Buchstein and Rossstein

Now it is lunch time... Hirschberghaus.

Scharling (767m, 09:18) -> Hirschberg (1670m, 12:20)
Hirschberg (12:37) -> Hirschberghaus (13:05)
Hirschberghaus (14:05) -> Scharling (15:30)

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