This time Nuvolau near of Cortina d'Anpezzo along the via ferrata.
This is one of the easiest one suitable for beginners.

Driving from Cortina bound to Passo Falzarego then turn the light in the direction to Passo Giau.

  Nuvolau looking from
Passo Giau

Averau hut is just on the left end of the rock

Climbing on the east side of the Nuvolau

Steep terrain after sign of via ferrata


Then starting from almost vertical wall with wires

The top of the wall seems like the moon landscape

Keep the track paying attention to the route marking

The last steep uphill

The goal is just after the small ladder

Passo Giau (2236m, 9:30) -> Via Ferrata (2350m, 11:00) -> Via Ferrata top (2500m, 11:30) -> Nuvolau (2575m, 12:15)
Nuvolau (2575m, 13:00) -> Averau hut (2413m, 13:30) -> Passo Giau (2236m, 14:30)

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