The route from Bussalp(1800m) to Faulhorn (2680m) was still open.
A nice panorama view to the Berner mountains maks us never being tired.
Tour in high temperature might be to hot, because whole route is facing to south without tree.
This might be an easy but interesting ski tour route because of its constant inclination.

Bussalp, Faulhorn, First and Gr. Scheidegg.
Drawn by Kashmir3DDData Source ⓒSwisstopo DHM25

From the bus station of Bussalp (1800m).
Today's goal is visible behind.

Three Berner Mountains

The almost rote looked like this.


The last 50m

Looking down onto Bussalp

Uphill from Bussalp (1800m) to Faulhorn (2680m): 02:35
Faulhorn to First (2167m): 01:55
First to Gr. Scheidegg (1962m): 1:20

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