Monte Brione

Lago di Garda, the largest lake in Italy gets quite season in autumn.
Monte Brione is a mountain
at the north shore of the lake with strange crescent style formed by glacier.

Riva del Garda, a resort area at the north shore, has a small hill with antenna at the east end:
Monte Brione (374m).

The route starts just above the tunnel near of the yacht harbor.
 Because the route was closed, we went up the street going through the olive field.

Yacht harbor

Stairway to reach the route

View on Riva del Garda

Street going trough the olive field

Italian small truck Piaggio Ape

Ruins of artillery battery from the world war 1

A small space on the top

The next village Arco and Monte Colodri

Olive fields on the west solpe

Walking through a vineyard

Beautiful sight of Lago di Garda
The east side of the mountain is very steep cliff

Riva del Garda Yacht port (65m, 09:50) -> Monte Brione (374m, 11:15) -> Monte Brione north end (366m, 12F00) -> San Alessandro (75m, 13:00) -> Riva del Garda (13:30)

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