Ahornspitze (2973m)

Ahornspitze near Myrhofen in Ziller-Valley is rather easy to climb in spite of its almost 3000m height.
The Ahornbahn brings us to almost 2000m height. Additionally Edel hut in the middle of the way provides us with a comfortable rest point.
But be careful, the last several hundred meters are really steep, breakable and unstable rocks!

Ahornspitze and Edel hut (in the middle) viewing from the neighbor of Filzenkogel.

The Ahornbahn rope way with 160-person capacity transports us in a several minutes to the height of about 2000m.

After going across and going through the gate at the border of the Filzenalm, the way goes down a little bit turning into Hochleger, where Edel hut and Ahornspitze become well visible.
Then earning the height along the edge and crossing some small rivers, you will soon reaches at Edel hut in about one hour.
After a short break at the hut, we started again for the way becoming steeper and steeper until it changes into a zig-zag way.
The last several hundred meters are sometime on the stones falling from the mountain or on the late autumn snow.

The border of Filzenalm

Turning into Hochleger

Edel hut

View on the Ahornspitze from the hut

Reaching to the edge (Popbergschneid)


The last part is really steep

Breakable and unstable rocks

Traversing to the top of the Ahornspitze

While traversing, don't look down!

If you reach the edge (Popbergerschneid), you can see the Zillertaler main alpine mountains as the border to Italy.
Now the last several hundred meters will be interesting. There is almost no way but marked stones among the breakable and unstable stones stacked.
Always finding the next read marking, you will see the cross on the top.

Where you will reach at first is still not the top. you have to go along a large standing stone barrier from the left side, going little bit down, will find a narrow path going to the real top of the Ahornspitze. This last path is partly supported by a steel wire and some steps fixed at stable rocks.

Panorama from the top in the south direction

Filzenalm (1955m, 9:20) -> Edel hut (2238m, 10:30)
Edel hut (2238m, 10:45) -> Popbergschneid (2740m, 11:50) -> Ahornspitze (2973m, 12:45) (Uphill 3h15min)
Ahornspitze (2973m, 13:15) -> Popbergschneid (2740m, 13:53) -> Edel hut (2238m, 14:40)
Edel hut (2238m, 15:10) -> Filzenalm (1955m, 16:20) (Downhill 2h25min)

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