There was a restaurant hut on Stieregg hidden by Bäregg and was not visible from Grindelwald.
This quiet restaurant was swallowed by landslip in 2005.
They built a new hut on Bäregg just next to Stieregg.

In 2006 there was another rock fall on the other side at Eiger east side.

These both activities were caused by shrinking glacier obviously.

Overview of the route from Grindelwald to Bäregg
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Near a bridge under Pfingseggbahn

Restaurant information

Martins hole


Martins hole (from the indication on the path)
As legend has it, a long time ago the Eiger and the Mettengerg stood closer together than nowadays. Ice, water and boulders gathered behind and by bursting out laid waste the pasturage in the valley. A certain man by the name of Maritn, the size of giant, brought this situation to an end with a show of strength. He braced himself at this point with his back against the Mettenberg, pressed with his feet and his stick against the Eiger and with his stick poked a hole in the mountain high up on the Eiger. It is visible from this path a bit further down towards the valley - and twice a year, about three weeks before and after the winter solstice, the sun shined through this "funny" hole exactly onto the Grindelwald church.

Originally these rocks were a wall.
They say that it was not possible to eat something outside because of dust caused by the rock fall.

This part is still observed for the next possible fall

A new hut was build on Bäregg

There was another restaurant here in Stieregg

Way back to Grindelwald

Way back to Grindelwald

Looking into deep canyon

Grindelwald (1035m, 09:40) -> Bridge under Pfingstegg (980m, 10:00) -> Bäregg hut (1700m, 12:30)
[Bäregg hut (1700m, 14:10) -> Pfingstegg (1392m, 15:35)]

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