On the east side of Isar river at Lenggries, 1 hour train trip from Munich, Geigerstein (1491m) seems to be one of the good panorama point.
The second peak on the way to lake Tegernsee, another peak Fockenstein (1564m) was also waiting. This tour is rather long but not so hard as expected.

From Lenggries (left) to Tegernsee (right).
Map:TOP50 of (c) Bayerische Vermessungverwaltung

From a panorama point on the way to Geigerstein. Brauneck and Lenggries are just in front.

Lenggries train station with Brauneck on the background

Small pond on the small hill near Lenggries.

Zugspitze (2962m)

The panorama point has a bench.

Also described sometime as "Geierstein".

Take a way further to east bound to Fockenstein.

The next peak, Fockenstein seems to be very near.

Fockenstein has very interesting clamped rock at the south side of the peak.

Looking behind the way from the peak of Fockenstein. Geigerstein and Brauneck on the background.

At the lake Tegernsee in Bad Wiessee.

Left: Lake Tegernsee and left: Brauneck.


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