Pfanngraben - Rotwand

Rotwand is too popular especially for families because of its easy approach via Taubenstein cabin.
On the other hand, Pfanngraben is a hidden quiet route, especially in early morning before bus operation to valepp.
The route from Spitzingsee and Pfanngraben is closed for the normal car traffic.

Spitzingsee and Brecherspitz (1683m)

Starting from the asphalt street toward Valepp
iBus will be available after 1 hourj

After 3km just before Weitzinger Alm a branch to Rotwand appears at the left side

Pfanngraben with many stepped water falls

The canyon becomes deeper and deeper

Apart from the canyon, now the route is going into a gentle forest

Kümpfl-Alm after the forest

A nice view from Kümpfl-Alm

From the top of
Kümpfl-Alm, Rotwandhaus is not far

It takes only 15 minutes to the well filled peak of Rotwand

An amazing panorama on the way down from Rotwandhaus

Spitzingsee Kirche (1086m, 08:25) -> Weitzinger-Alm branch (950m, 09:00)@
-> Kümpfl-Alm (1054m, 10:30) -> Kümpflscharte branch (1695m, 10:55) -> Rotwandhaus (1737m 11:05)-> Rotwand (1884m 11:20)
Rotwand (1884m,11:25
-> Spitzingsee Kirche (1086m, 12:45)
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