Trainsjoch (1708m) is just on the border between Germany and Austria.
We can go along the border on the edge finding border stones.
The start point "Ursprung" (830m) means "origin", that matches exactly to this tour.

MAP: Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung (TOP50)

Wendelstein on German side is the TV-Mountain with a large antenna on the top.

We see several huts after 1 hour walk from Ursprung valley.

The uppermost hut is one of the "Jausenstation", where you get small lunches or drinks.

There is still snow from about 1400m height.
Somebody slide down on his butt.

The last spurt was on a steep snow slope.

Border stones at the edge.

The last traverse takes about 15 minutes.

Another border stone is on the top.

The Matterhorn of Achen valley "Guffertspitze" looks very different from the back side.

Jausenstation offers everywhere.

Data: 23.04.2005, Uphill 9:00..12:00, Downhill 12:30..14:40

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