Wallberg (1722m)

Wallberg looks like really a wall at the south end of lake Tegernsee, although it is not so steep.
From the end of November to the beginning of December, the rope way is under maintenance.
This allows very quiet tour without many hikers.

Cold foggy morning at the foot of mountain

Branch into the supported route at around 800m point

Crossing the ski route around 1050m point

After reaching the col, turn back towards the chapel

The beak is already visible from the chapel

Take care of irregular rocks under the peak

A large metal cross from the last approach from the north side

Lake Tegernsee and Rottach are covered with fog

Buchstein and Zugspitze can be seen clearly from the peak

Only few hikers are on the peak


West view from the peak

The bus to Tegernsee between 14:00 to 15:00 was not operated any more, because of winter season.
It was needed to hike to the ring road of Rottach (1.5km) to catch the regional bus.
Fortunately the BOB train to Munich could just be caught on time.

Wallbergbahn busstop (775m, 09:37) -> Wallberg farm (1495m, 11:00) -> Wallberg (1722m, 11:32)
Wallberg (1722m, 12:03) -> Wallberg farm (1495m, 12:30) -> Wallbergbahn busstop (775m, 13:45) -> Rottach Post (740m, 14:07)
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