Tuxer Joch

Hintertux is a famous village in Tirol with its glacier for summer skiing.
It is very beautiful area not only for skiing but also for hiking.
Thanks to its higher altitude, different scenes like glacier and vegetation like edelweiss are expected.

3D View from south above the Tuxer Glacier

From the large parking area at the end of the valley outside of the village, a cabin rope way brings us to "Sommerberg-Alm".
From the cabin station, it takes less one hour to the Tuxer Joch Haus, from where you can extend your walk direction to Frauenwand to watch Tuxer glacier.
After short break on a small peak next to Frauenwand, we went back to the Tuxer Joch house and went down to the north.

Large parking area

View on the glacier from Sommerberg-Alm

Tuxer Joch Haus

View on the Tuxer glacier from 2518m point

Hintertuxer village

Hornspitze 2650m

Edelweiss above you!

Edelweiss likes such steep terrain facing to south

The way along a small river, goes trough a narrow opening of the rocks. There you will find a lot of edelweiss (above you) and a beautiful waterfall.
normally you can continue to walk down to Hintertux. This time we went up again to the cabin station "Sommerbergalm" again.

Sommerbergalm (2030m, 11:30) -> Tuxer Joch Haus (2316m, 12:10)
Tuxer Joch Haus (12:40) -> Weissjoch (2518m, 13:10)
Weissjoch (13:30) -> Tuxer Joch Haus (14:00)
Tuxer Joch Haus (14:20) -> Schleier fall (2020m, 14:55) -> Sommerberg-Alm (16:20)

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