Schildenstein (Wolfsschlucht)

Schildenstein located at the west end of Blauberge has two different characteristics;
a family friendly hiking route from west and a little climbing from east.
Normally it is easier to climb up along a steep terrain rather than to go down.
So today I tried to climb up from the east "Wolfsschlucht = Wolf Canyon" side.

(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung  isnoTOj
The track was logged by GPS and transferred to the map by editrex2

A flat road along a small river

The valley becomes deeper and deeper

That is the end of the Wolf Canyon

Starting from the steep rock terrain

Some ways are washed out

Schildenstein from east

Gr. Glockner

Roß- and Buchstein (Needle and its shadow!!)

Cross on the peak

Schildenstein from west

Bus stop Siebenhütten (822m, 9:30) -> Wolfsschluft (984m, 11:00) -> Schildenstein Saddle (1464m, 11:50) -> Schildenstein (1613m, 12:17)
Schildenstein (13:00) -> Klammaufstieg (830m, 14:50) -> Wildbadkreuth (793m, 15:35)
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