Schinder Kar (1808m)

There was a decision to go on Schinder. However, since I already have been there, the route in the other direction going up on the Schinderkar was taken.
Schinder is located on the border between Germany and Austria, and has very large cirque on the north side.
It is hard to climb up the cirque because of its gravel and breakable rocks on the top.
Many skiers visit there in Winter. However, valance danger has to be taken into account.

(c)Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung  isnoTOj

We start from a place named Valepp

Here we are, the cirque of Schinder

Huge panorama in the cirque

We earned already much

Breakable rocks on the top of cirque

Going into the tunnel

How long will it stand?

Through the tunnel

Am Tor (At the gate)

German (Bavarian) Schinder

Austrian Schinder

Austrian Schinder is not far from "Am Tor". Only a small steep rock is waiting.

Panorama from the peak of Austrian Schinder

Valepp P (895m) -> Am Tor (1660m, 02:15) -> Schinder (1808m, 00:30)
Schinder -> (Trausnitz-Alm) ->Valepp (02:35)

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