Sella Ronda

Still one large area in Dolomite was open issue; Sella Ronda, a round trip with ski around Sella group, one of the most famous ski area in south Tirol Italy.
Even after the World War I, German is still spoken there. This may also one reason, why so many German skiers are visiting there.

4.5 hours would be enough to complete the round trip "Sella Ronda" for a good skier who studied its route in advance. It includes 2 hours lift time and one hours lunch brake. In a vacation season such as Christmas or Carnival, it may take much more time. Many old lifts and T-bars were replaced with modern transport utilities like cabins or high speed lifts.

(1) Counter Clockwise

The white lines are transport utilities, while the red lines are skiing.

The ski pass includes also bus transport fee.
Starting at 9:00 O'clock.

Langkofel (Sassolungo) from the start point of a world cup down -hill course "Ciampinoi".

Langkofel from southeast.
The cabin is operated only in summer.

After reaching the south side of Sella, the highest peak Pitz Boe (3152m) becomes visible in pyramid form.

Arriving at Arabba the middle point of the course at 10:30 enables me to make a small optional tour to the south peak Belvedere.

Arrival at the east side of Sella by two lift transports.
1 hour lunch break is guaranteed!

Lift named "Boe" at the east side of Sella.

It was still 14:00 arriving at Corvara.
Another optional tour to Edelweiss valley at the north side of Sella was possible.

It was 15:00 when I went back to Selva.

(2) Clockwise

The white lines are transport utilities, while the red lines are skiing.

After first lift transport from Selva (9:20)
One of the typical Dolomite sights!

Today's Langkofel taken from the window of the cabin.

Slope of yesterday at Boe piste, the east side of Sella

Again to Bervedere (2495) from Arabba.

The last pass Sas Bece (2423m)

The last cabin could be reached before 12:00!

That is Italy where you can order such a thing in a ski hut!

The afternoon can be used for practicing deep snow near Ciampnoi.

(3) Optional tour to Marmolada (3343m)
The highest mountain in this area Marmolada. It has still old fashion rope way from Malga Ciapela, it takes often 1 or 2 hours to wait standing in a queue!
Heavy snow of the last days made avalanche alarm, which disables an important lift connection to Marmolada. Just after arriving to the connection, it has been released!
There was almost no queue in Malga Ciapela!

From Arabba to Marmolada:
The blue lines are transport, the red lines are skiing.

From pass Padon.
The northfase of Marmolada.

From the end station of the rope way.

Langkofel (Sassolungo)

Monte Pelmo

Sella group with Pitz Boe

Between rocks

Now starting into clouds!

At the end of the long down hill, there is still a nice view.
Some guys (including me) made pictures of this advertisement.
That's Italy!

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