Austrian ski resort Lech.

The river through the village as well as the valley has also the same name.
The river Lech flows down through Reutte in Triol, Füssen and Augsburg in Germany into the Donau traveling to the Black See.

Since Diana, Princess of Wales, visited here for skiing, many skiers form GB are visiting.
Because you can ski everywhere except for protected forest, and some ungroomed ski routes are available, it is  quite attractive for off-piste skiers.
Avalanche and other alpine risks have to be taken into account.

This time I tried a historical route "The white ring".

This picture was created by Kashmir3D based on the Space Shuttle elevation data.

Starting from Zürs, a small village, into the west direction bound to Zürsersee

Once go down to the frozen lake and again lift to Madlochjoch

Ski route from Madlochjoch down to Zug and Lech

After while Lech can be seen. Today take a route to Zug (left).

Lift from Zug to Balmengrad

Kriegerhorn is seen

After some way round, now go down to Lech

Oberlech a small village in the middle

In Lech we go over the bridge

Take the rope way to Rüfi

You see the sign of White Ring on the top

After a little downhill, take a T-bar lift

Then take an another lift

Now go down to Zürs

A steep terrain visible from Zürs

This bridge is also for skiers

Taking pictures with some repetition, it took me about 4 hours.
Normally two or tow and half hours should enough to close the ring.

360-degreee Panorama from Rüfi

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