Kitzbuehel is one of the famous ski resort in Tirol, known with its world cup downhill racing.
It is not so far from Munich, so it is also possible to go there in a weekend.

It takes about 1:15 from Munich station to Woergl by express train. Another 30 minutes are for local train.

Panorama from the end station of Hahnenkamm rope way.
Hohe Salve (1828m) at the left end, Wilde Kaiser (2344mjin the middle, and Kitzbuehelerhorn i1998mj behind the village on the right.

Kitzbuehelrhorn, a pyramid moutain on the north side of the village showed a quiet time.
Bus transfer is available with your ski pass.

Kitzbuehelerhorn from the village

Hahnenkamm is the next mountain.

Almost empty (north east side)

Germknoedel with vanille source

Now a course named Ski Safari was taken. Several ski areas will be visited sequentially.
After going over the next peak at the south side of the Hahnenkamm, taxis are waiting for the connection to Jochberg (5 minutes, EUR 2 per person). A direct connection with a rope way is in project.

The start hut of the downhill located at the end of Hahnenkamm rope way.

Mouse trap. Every ski racer jumps here.

Kitzbuehelerhorn from Jochberg

Gentle slopes on the mountain

Summer hut changes a small restaurant in winter.
They offer no sophisticated menus but simple and delicious ones.



Gr. Glockner from the almost end of the route.

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