Hochplatte (1813m) in Achen valley is one of the beginner mountain for tour skiing..
It did now snow much still now and the terrain was enough hard to climb up easier.

Guffertspitz (2194m), Unnnutz (2075m), lake Achensee (929m) and Rofan i2299mj

CG view from north

Very cold in shadow

Easy walk on a road

Today's goal from Falkenmoos-Alm

After passing through Falkenmoos-Alm, it becomes steep to change the angle of Steighilfe.

The last meters

Everyone is enjoying the view from the top, a husky dog also.

Little bit crusty

Let us stay longer as long as sun shines!

Achenkirch, parking (890m, 09:30) -> Falkenmoos-Alm (1328m, 11:00)
Falkenmoos-Alm (11:30) -> Hochplatte (1813m, 13:15)
Hochplatte (13:40) -> Falkenmoos-Alm (14:35)
Falkenmoos-Alm (14:50) -> Achenkirch, parking (15:15)

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