In a misty morning, a friend called me and said that Alpen-panorama TV showed beautiful blue sky.
It was already 9:30. We would have start earlier.
Never mind. Let us enjoy only Sunshine today rather than skiing.
So we decided to go to Hirschberg where I made a small hiking in the last autumn.
Skiing is much faster for downhill but not slower also for uphill compared with walking although we have so much heavy loads on our legs and back.
For such small mountain, we do not need much time to cover it all.

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Ski piste Brunnbichl in Point

Still ok but the end of the slope is almost too steep for ski skin.


Steep terrain above Rauheck-Alm

From the terrace of a hut of Rauheck-Alm

The last part of the climbing
Cross on the top

Zugspitze on the background

Here we go!

The terrain was almost bulldozed and not for enjoying except for the last icy ski piste.

Brunnbichl, Point (773m, 11:00) -> Rauheck Alm (1460m, 13:00)
Rauheck Alm (1460m, 13:30) -> Hirschberg (1670m, 14:05)
Hirschberg (14:25) -> Brunnbichl, Point (14:57)

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