Hakkoda (Japan)

Hakkoda is one of the most popular mountain ski area at the north end of the main island of Japan. Because of its unbelievable amount of snow in winter, the old rest snow is still available even at the middle of May. In such late season, skiing here is more comfortable by the long day time and higher temperature.
Stefan, a member of our squash group in Munich, is working in Japan currently, whom I visited this time to show this wonderful ski area.

(1) SUKAYU (884m) -> Mt. Odake (1584.6m)  -> Hokibatai -> Minami-Komagome (607m)

(c) Japan GSI (created by Kashmir 3D)

The snow wall near the spa hotel "SUKAYU" had about 10m height in spite of its rather lower altitude (884m)!

This is our today's goal Mt. Odake

There are many local "Fujis" in Japan.
Tsugaru-Fuji = Mt. Iwaki (1624.7m)

 "South-Hakkoda" on the background

There is not much snow in this year.
We had to fight with bamboo and "Aomori-Todomatsu" pine trees, but found a small snow stripe towards the peak.

Volcanogenic stones and ground are uncovered with snow because of strong wind at the peak.

The forest had still silent winter scene.

The last 200m was without snow.

(2) Suiren-pond (990m) -> Mt. Sarukuradake (1356m) -> Suiren-pond

(c) Japan GSI (created by Kashmir 3D)

Originally it was planed today to hike around several peaks in the south Hakkoda area.
After reaching at the first peak it was decided to go down to east because of too strong wind from west.

Starting point of today at Suiren-pond

Mt.Takadaodake (1552m) at the background.

The surface of the snow was scratched by rain water.
Crevasse is opening its mouth.

Looking for the wind shielded place.

The attractive steep terrain from the peak of Mt. Sarukuradake.

GPS brought us to the exact starting position!

The beautiful mountains of North Hakkoda area: Mt. Iodake, Mt. Odake, Mt. Kodake and Mt. Takadaodake


(3) Hakkoda rope way station (660m) -> Mt.Tamoyachidake rope way station (1300m)

(c) Japan GSI (created by Kashmir 3D)

Today we have to go back to south.
Since the weather is so nice without wind, we wanted to use the rope way to make the last downhill.
The rope way was so expensive that we decided to to hike up again.

Start from parking for the expensive rope way

Looking for a stable snow bridge.

Two hours are enough to save much money !?

Fukinotou at the parking
A symbol of spring

Panorama from Mt.Tamoyachidake to Mt.Akakuradake, Mt. Idodake, Mt. Odake and South Hakkoda area. The snow stripe at Mt. Odake of the day before yesterday can be seen from here.

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