Feldalphorn belongs to the Kitzbueheler Alps and is located in about 12km south from Woergl.
In spite of its constant and gentle slope, it provides of an amazing panorama view from the top.
This route has no difficult terrain and is suitable also for beginners.

CG view from south

Uphill along the forest

Hut provides us with a comfortable space.

The last steps to the peak

We came up through the clouds.

Peak of Feltalphorn

Gr. Beil on the background (right)

Fantastic powder snow!

One of the most beautiful tour

It snowed just yesterday and still snowing in the valley. Just under the peak we went through the cloud!

Start: Schwarzenau 953m, 10:20
Hut: 1470m, 11:42 .. 12:20
Feldalphorn: 1926m, 13:30
Feldalphorn -> Start: Schwarzenau 14:16 .. 15:10

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