Auerspitz, the neighborhood of the Rodwand, has a wonderful north east slope for moutain skiing.
It is easy to reach by a comfortable jeep road to the Rodwandhaus, which is just in the next to Auerspitz.
This route is recommended also for beginners. This time I took the route to Soin-Alm and then to Geitau via Klarer-Alm. This route has a steep and narrow hiking route where you had better to put skin on your skis. Or it is better to take a route via Soinsee to Geitau, or to Ursprung valley via Sillberg-Alm.

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Spitzingsee area has so much snow in this year!

Schinder, a border mountain to Austria

Rotwand (right)

Rotwandhaus and ski slope

Looking down the route to Auserspitz from the Rotwandhaus
On the peak of Auerspitz with Gr. Glockner on the background.

Many skiers on the Rotwand!

Still pouder snow on the north slope of Auerspitz

CG view from South

Spitzing Kirche (1090m, 08:00) -> Rotwandhaus (1737m, 10:30) -> AUerspitz (1811m, 11:15)
Auerspitz (11:45) -> Geitau (780m, 14:00)

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